Help me: Unable to parse response body for Bulk Request posted

Error Details: Unable to parse response body for Response{requestLine=POST /_bulk?timeout=1m HTTP/1.1,, response=HTTP/1.1 200 OK}

Tried to investigate and I see the object send is org.elasticsearch.action.bulk.Response rather than the expected is org.elasticsearch.action.bulk.BulkResponse

Looked into the documentations as well but no luck.
Some important information on dependency and es method we are trying to execute from our Spring Boot Application:

java 11
spring-boot-starter-parent 2.5.6
spring-data-elasticsearch 4.2.6
elasticsearch-rest-high-level-client 7.12.1
org.elasticsearch 7.12.1

code: BulkResponse bulkResponse = elasticsearchClient.bulk(bulkRequest,RequestOptions.DEFAULT);


According to the URL, you are not using Elasticsearch 7.12.1 but another distribution which is not supported here. You must ask your vendor about this.

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