Help needed with scoring for Boolean Query

I have a scenario where I would like to use Boolean Query. But I am not
sure how does boolean query combining multiple clauses generate the final

For example if I have a query like:

"bool" : {
"must" : {
"term" : { "articleContent" : "football" },
"boost" : 4

    "should" : [
            "term" : { "articleTitle" : "football" },
            "boost" : 3
    "minimum_number_should_match" : 1,
    "boost" : 5.0


Now let's assume that the query in the first clause gets score of 0.3
before considering it's boost(4) and query in second clause gets score of
0.7 before considering it's boost(3), then what is the final score that I
should expect from this query and how's it calculated. I also want to know
what role can "disableCoord" flag play in this calculation.


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