Help on Cassandrabeat


I am trying to configure beats for Cassandra application. I tried to configure it with Jolokia and it's not working. Also read about Cassandrabeat (This announcement) however, this also not working. Can someone help on this? Please share some documents on how to setup beats for Cassandra applications.

Hi @Arunlal_A, are you looking for metricbeat to collect data from Cassandra
or are you looking for something like application monitoring like packetbeat? I found for packetbeat might be interesting for you. Or if you are interested in collecting metrics from Jolokia agent, then you can try metricbeat jolokia module

Thanks @Kaiyan_Sheng

I'm trying to setup using Metricbeat. I tried configuring Jolokia module and it wasn't working. Let me try it once again and will get back here if I need any assistance.

Hey it's working - I enabled Jolokia on Cassandra and it's sending data to ES now. Thanks!!

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