Help on ELK Cluster Setup

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We have this small setup of ELK Cluster in Production.

ES Nodes : 4
	- 3 Master/Data Eligible nodes
	- 1 Coordinating node
Logstash : 3
	- Each running on 3 Master/Data Eligible nodes
	- LoadBalancer Enabled
		- Performs load balance to our 3 ES servers
	- Persistent Queus Enabled	
		- queue.type: persisted
		- queue.max_events: 1000
		- queue.max_bytes: 8gb
Kibana : 1
	- Running on coordinating node machine.
Filebeat : 5/19 installed from different servers
	- multiline_max_lines : 1000

We noticed that, whenever we add few more filebeat source, few events are coming in, sometimes there no events after all from other sources.
For example, we have a new beat source with 50k events to load in the cluster. The other sources goes to 10, a little higher or lower than that.
Then right after maybe 2 and half hours, its stable. Events are coming in smoothly. What might be the issue? Any ideas?

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