HELP PLEASE! Multiple Search Fields on Page causing one search not to work

I have two search inputs on my page, one on the page and one that is available when you click a search icon in the top nav, it brings a popup box in focus with a search input.

I updated my Results Container to go to this page:

If you look at the search box in the middle of this page: and search for “dental” it works fine. No problem there.

I am using this code.

If you click the magnifying glass in the top nav it brings up a full screen box with a search field using the identical search input code with the exception of the ID.

If you search for “dental” in this box it does not go to the page, instead it goes to the same page: so I never get to the search results.

How can I get this to work?

Hi Greg,
I suspect you're going to have to supply examples of raw JSON in requests to elasticsearch before you can get help. This won't be the place to debug any UI code.

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