Help resolving a classpath problem(?) with elasticsearch 1.2.1 in apache-storm

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I'm using apache-storm as a data pipeline that indexes results with
elasticsearch. Using the latest I can find of all components, I get an
error any time a storm component attempts to join elasticsearch as a Node
client, which I believe will give me better performance than

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A SPI class of type
org.apache.lucene.codecs.PostingsFormat with name 'Direct' does not exist.
You need to add the corresponding JAR file supporting this SPI to your
classpath.The current classpath supports the following names:
[XBloomFilter, es090, completion090]

According to
this is "just how the SPI loader stuff works that lucene uses"

I tried following the directions in the issue, but even with the shade
plugin, I'm still seeing the same thing.

Does anyone have experience with this that can share a pom.xml snippet or
guide me to some applicable docs?


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