Help understanding boolean should query results

Hello, I'm not understanding why the following query does not show any documents hits for the "support_files.bgp_evpn_routes" field. It does show hits for the first match_phrase (name a). As a troubleshooting test, I completely removed the first "match_phrase" so only the second match_phrase is present(i.e. name b). This then results in document hits. I also performed queries for each of the match phrases independently without a boolean. They both show hits. One thing to note is the documents that "would" match query name_a do not have a field "support_files.bgp_evpn_routes" and the documents that would match query name_b do not have a "message" field. Would that cause a problem?
Thank you for any assistance!

      "query": {
        "bool": {
          "should": [
            { "match_phrase": { "message": { "query": "Attaching eBPF", "_name": "a" } } },
            { "match_phrase": { "support_files.bgp_evpn_routes": { "query": "routing", "_name": "b" } } }
          "minimum_should_match": 1

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