Help with conditionals in logstash

hello, I'm trying to perform a filter with some conditions, but when performing as follows, it doesn't work.

 if "dns_server_process_query_send" or "Not authoritative" in [message] { drop {} }

but if I use the following way it works normally:

 if "dns_server_process_query_send" in [message] { drop {} }
 if "Not authoritative" in [message] { drop {} }

why can't I put the two conditions inside the same IF? am i doing something wrong?

You can. One of your conditions is "Not authoritative" in [message], and the other one is "dns_server_process_query_send" (which will always evaluate to true). You have to use

if "dns_server_process_query_send" in [message] or "Not authoritative" in [message] { drop {} }
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really, that's the correct way, thank you very much @Badger !

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