Help with converting timestamp

below is my log line , I use the json filter and that works perfectly fine. I just need to get the log time stamp sorted in a readable format .
timestamp:"unix timestamp, in nanoseconds, when the log message was created"

"timestamp": 1497360775545000192,

trying this and isn't working
mutate {

rename field from 'name' to 'browser_name'

rename => { "timestamp" => "logtimestamp" }
mutate {
convert => {"logtimestamp" => "integer" }

date {
match => ["logtimestamp", "UNIX" ]
target => "logTimestamp_updated"

The UNIX pattern assumes the input is seconds but you have nanoseconds. I suggest you use UNIX_MS instead and remove the six last digits of timestamp to turn it into milliseconds. You can use a mutate filter's gsub option to trim digits off the tail end.

Thanks so much for your reply !
It works perfect now!

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