Help With Custom Grok Parsing


My log is coming in the format ( its either OK for successful with a set of value or ERR for failure with a different set of values )

ok{fus=, ful=44001, fui=672a000249d481f10000000c59f5efe3, fuc=0, fuq=2, fut=2017-10-29 19:42:35, fud=6791, fss=2, fst=2, fsi=12, fso=0, fsa=0, fsr=6, cuc=1}, ,

JSON ( after split on , ) :
"ratingirrelevantoutput": [
" ful=44001",
" fui=672a000249d481f10000000c59f5efe3",
" fuc=0",
" fuq=2",
" fut=2017-10-29 19:42:35",
" fud=6791",
" fss=2",
" fst=2",
" fsi=12",
" fso=0",
" fsa=0",
" fsr=6",
" cuc=1}",
" ",
" "


, err{fci=3d05cf03c13810cf0000000159f600ce, fec=26, fee=3, fei=2:20:10003:0, foc=0},

JSON ( after split on , ) :
"ratingirrelevantoutput": [
" err{fci=3d05cf03c13810cf0000000159f600ce",
" fec=26",
" fee=3",
" fei=2:20:10003:0",
" foc=0}",
" "

I would like to identify which one is it ( ok or err ) and based on that pick up values of each parameter and move it to a separate field.

How would one achieve this with grok? I am currently using a mix of split , gsub, trim to achieve part of it and was wondering if there is a better way / optimised way of achieving the same with grok.


Use grok to extract the result (ok or err) into one field and everything within the curly braces into another field, then use the kv filter to process the latter.

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