Help with logstash filter

Good morning, I would like a help to make a filter in the logstash, I do not want the logstash to process the one of a certain IP range, also including multicast and broadcast.
I thank you for your help.

Hi @ademir.andrade,

could you give a bit more details? Sounds like you want to filter an input. Not sure if that is possible.

How are you sending data to Logstash?

I don't have any filters applied, I'm receiving data from some routers, and I noticed these ips as and 224.0.0

If there is a small set of IPs you want to drop you could just use something like

if [fieldWithIp] =~ /(|| { drop {} }

Alternatively, you could use a cidr filter to tag the events and drop them if they get tagged.

Thanks for the tip, I'm doing the tests.

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