Logstash CIDR Plugin not working

Hi, I need to filter events by IP addresses. I would like to use CIDR plugin but it is not working for me.

This is my code:

filter {
if [type] == "mytype" {
	  address => [ "%{srcip}" ]
	  network => [ "" ]
	  add_tag => [ "mytag" ]
	if "mytag" not in [tags]{
	drop {}
if [type] == "mytype"{
udp {
                host => ""
                port => 514
		codec => line { format => "%{message}" }
		id => "myid"

This is a piece of a log:

eventtime=165646546546 tz=\"+0200\" srcip= srcport=10000

Unfortunally It looks like there is not a match in the filter and anything is sent to the output.

Can you help me?

I recommend removing all conditional statements

if [type] == "mytype" {


if "mytag" not in [tags]{

and send everything to a log file using the stdout{} output filter.
Break it down piece by piece and see where the problems comes up.

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