Help with LS stoping 30 seconds after start


My LS instance starts up just fine, and ~30-120 seconds into the initialization, logstash then stops. I will paste the error below. The settings that I have for my LS indexing node is

VM - Red Hat 6.5 x64

Both resources can be adjusted if needed. Is it an issue with my settings for logstash? what should they be? I have 2 workers defined by '-w 2' in '/etc/sysconfig/logstash'. I have 1 input from redis defined with 8 threads and I have 1 output to ES defined with 4 workers, again, can be adjusted. I also have the 'LS_HEAP_SIZE' set to "1024m"

Am I right with these settings? Thank to any and all insight, here is the error after the LS crash...its the same every time:

What does your config look like?

what config are you speaking of. Ones that reside in '/etc/logstash/conf.d' or the one in '/etc/sysconfig/logstash' or '/etc/init.d/logstash'?

I can paste bin anyone you want. Thank you for the reply

The the plugin config.

thank for the response. after literally staring at the error for about an hour I as able to make it out that the issue lied with the Ruby multi-line filter.

since I had workers defined in my configuration, it was in contention for resources thus choking out.