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We're using Elastic search in the following manner:

You can experience the search live here:

Example search query: "security checks"

One issue that we're experiencing is differences in search results when searching for the following:

  1. "authorizationContext"
  2. "authorizationContext.getActiveUser()"

As you can see, the results are not the same.
My question here is how should I update the queries being run (see top-most link) so that they will account for both queries.


(Daniel Mitterdorfer) #2

Hi @IdanAdar,

you are searching for two different terms? Why do you expect the same results? If the second query should also return the results of the first query you could - for example - configure an analyzer that produces (during indexing) the two tokens "authorizationContext" and "getActiveUser" for the input text "authorizationContext.getActiveUser()".

See the Definitive Guide and the reference docs on how to achieve that.


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