Help with org.xbib.logging.log4j2 appender

The appender not send my logs to elastic. What's wrong ??
In kibana or quering in elasticsearch doesn't find any index.

In java code using log4j2:
private static final Logger log = LogManager.getLogger(ApplicationMain.class);
<NoSql name="elasticsearchAppender"> <Elasticsearch url="http://localhost:9200/_bulk" index="'mapeadorrw-'yyyyMMdd" type="log4j2" /> </NoSql> <NoSql name="sfuAppender"> <Elasticsearch url="http://localhost:9200/_bulk" index="'sfu-mapeadorrw-'yyyyMMdd" type="log4j2" /> </NoSql> <Console name="Console" target="SYSTEM_OUT"> <PatternLayout pattern="${layout}" /> </Console> .... <Loggers> <logger name="sfu"> <appender-ref ref="sfuAppender" /> </logger> <Root level="TRACE"> <AppenderRef ref="FileProducao" level="INFO" /> <AppenderRef ref="Console" level="TRACE" /> <appender-ref ref="elasticsearchAppender" level="INFO" /> <AppenderRef ref="FileError" level="ERROR" /> </Root> </Loggers>

i found the solution.
In the property only change the provider of jboss to log4j2

static { // runs when the main class is loaded. System.setProperty("logback-access.debug", "true"); System.setProperty("org.jboss.logging.provider", "log4j2"); }

If you have any more questions about my log4j2 Elasticsearch HTTP appender, then you can also open an issue at