Help with profiling our code's usage of the Node java client using YourKit

Hi All,
I've been using ES for a while and I'm really enjoying it, but we have a
few slow calls in our code. I have a few hunches around the code that's
using the client inefficiently, but I would like some definitive proof.
I've attempted to profile our application using YourKit when we're load
testing, and I've found we're spending 30-35% of our "wall time" in the
Netty classes of the ES Node client. However, I can't tell where the call
is originating from in our source, since the calls are asynchronous and I
can't capture the stack. Are there any debugging options I can turn on in
the client that will help me with profiling so that I can track down the
code in our system that's not using our client efficiently? Any help
would be greatly appreciated!


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