Help with "Searching—The Basic Tools" chapter's data input

hi there, I'm trying execute the command of this file from this chaper to follow the guide but what i have in response from every PUT that i do is:

curl: (52) Empty reply from server

what can i do?

Check if elasticsearch is running.
Check elasticsearch logs.

And if you don't find the problem, share the logs here. (Formatted please as explained in the first post of this forum)

ok, I'll do this test, thanks.

I had a quick look at the test data file, and as it was created for Elasticsearch 2.x, it looks like it uses multiple types. As support for multiple types has been removed in Elasticsearch 6.x, you will most likely need to use an older version of Elasticsearch (2.x or possibly even 5.x) to run that example as-is.

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