Hi, guys , how can i useing our db data to transport for es

emmmmmmmm,for my company ,need transport out dbdata to es ,useing es to quitk search data,so what should we do ?witch technology is best?

Logstash jdbc input.

But I shared most of my thoughts there: http://david.pilato.fr/blog/2015/05/09/advanced-search-for-your-legacy-application/

Basically, I'd recommend modifying the application layer if possible and send data to elasticsearch in the same "transaction" as you are sending your data to the database.

Have also a look at this "live coding" recording.

oh , thans very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: , do you has implement this problem or ,will make this process?

i think ,if i try transport db to es , at future , es like db , the db just save data,and toggther es data with not anymore,our application to acess es ,to search , create,update ,delete in es ,it's i wan't to do,and i think .

Yes. Probably. Just make sure to read Elasticsearch Resiliency Status | Elastic

Some customers use Elasticsearch as a primary datastore, some set-up comprehensive back-up solutions using features such as our Snapshot and Restore, while others use Elasticsearch in conjunction with a data storage system like Hadoop or even flat files. Elasticsearch can be used for so many different use cases which is why we have created this page to make sure you are fully informed when you are architecting your system.

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