Hi team, is it possible to change "kibana" in "http://myurl:5601/app/kibana" when entering to the kibana?

hi team,
is it possible to change "kibana" in "http://myurl:5601/app/ kibana " when entering to the kibana?

It is not possible to do without making significant changes to the code of Kibana.

Hi Wylie,
Can u please suggest me any specific file or I mean any specific area of code where I can make changes to change this app/kibana from url and use our custom word.

You can start by searching the Kibana codebase for "app/kibana", and you will see how many places we use this path.

But replacing only app/kibana is not working.Can u please brief me more about this How can I achieve this its very important for me?

I'm sorry, but that is beyond what I can help you with. We don't actively support the change you are requesting, and any change here needs to be done by you.

If you want to hide url completely, you can embed Kibana in an iframe

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