Hide field of document in Kibana


We have made some dashboards in Kibana that also include the table with all the data of a specific index pattern.
There is a new field ("hash") added in documents of some index patterns but we need to "hide" it in Kibana as this is only used for a specific search in Elasticsearch and will be misleading for the users of Kibana.
Is there any way to hide this from the table of Kibana (or somehow exclude it completely at kibana side )?

{'took': 400,
'timed_out': False,
'_shards': {'total': 1, 'successful': 1, 'skipped': 0, 'failed': 0},
'hits': {'total': {'value': 10000, 'relation': 'gte'},
'max_score': 1.0,
'hits': [{'_index': 'debug_logs-0-zts1-2022-02-28',
'_type': '_doc',
'_id': 'MjQwOWVmNjUtOTIzYS00NDE4LWJkMGQtM2VmOWJhYzM2Yzcz',
'_score': 1.0,
'_source': {'vnf_name': 'zts1',
'vnf_type': 'ZTS',
'vnfc_name': 'esymacservice-0',
'vnfc_type': 'EFS',
'container_name': '',
'process_name': '',
'process_id': '',
'hostname': '',
'release': 'major:22|minor:2.0',
'log_type': 'debug',
'facility': 0,
'log_event_time_stamp': '2022-02-28T01:06:10+05:30',
'log_message': 'Feb-27-2022 19:26:34.297 EM INFO | setOldestEventTimeAndOldestAlarmIndex: markedIndex: 16444207209150000001759 oldestEventTime: 1644420720000',
'class': '/var/log/catalina.out',
'log_severity': 0,
'thread_id': 0,
'user_id': '',
'interface': '',
'session_id': '',
'operation': '',
'result': 0,
'error_code': 0,
'source_ip': '',
'source_port': '',
'proxy_source_ip': '',
'proxy_source_port': '',
'proxy_backend_ip': '',
'proxy_backend_port': '',
'backend_ip': '',
'backend_port': '',
'extensions': '',
'date': '2022-02-28',
'hash': 'MjQwOWVmNjUtOTIzYS00NDE4LWJkMGQtM2VmOWJhYzM2Yzcz'}}]}}

Thank you in advance!

You can do this by going to Management > Stack Management > Data Views. Select your data view and then add a Field filter for a desired field.

Please note that in versions prior to 8.0, Data View is going to be called Index Pattern and Field Filter will be called Source filter.

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