Hide Search Bar and Time Control on Kibana Dashboard, ES 8.0

Hello I've been searching a lot for this but I didn't find any link that helped me.

I made a Demo, no problem sharing here (https://flights-demo.migueldvl.com), but I would like to hide/remove (just) the search bar (KQL) and the time control from it. I'm using ES/Kibana 8.0 .

Here's what I want to remove:

PS: I already know about "embed=true&hide-filter-bar=true" but I would still like to have the top black menu and the side bar. And I also know about the css tricks.

I just find hard to believe that Kibana 8.0 doesn't have a more a direct way to remove these features from Dashboard/Space/Role (on any of these would do it), already searched in advanced settings and didn't find anything that helped.

Thank you

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