Hide size parameter from URL

Hi all, I want to hide the size parameter from the search query URL, e.g., site.com/?q=phone&size=n_10_n and I want to hide '&size=n_10_n.'

Is configuring the routing options the way to go?

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help simplify and/or point me in the right direction.
Thank you and apologies if I missed the answer!

Routing options have nothing to do with size. Why are you trying to hide it? What is the issue?

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I'm not trying to do anything with the size, just the URL. We're just looking to clean up the URL and noticed it seems possible to do so from this Elastic guide.

Please don't respond to this thread unless you know how to modify the URL and are responding with actionable guidance on how to make this happen.

I was just trying to get some clarification before answering. Will make sure to not bother you again.

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