High cpu and low memory usage on StressTest

I recently installed my ES,it is a single node,the version is 5.4.0,my OS is windows,CPU with 16 cores,and 32G memory. Before going into production,i configured "path.data", "path.logs","cluster.name",
"node.name","bootstrap.memory_lock","network.host" and "port" on the file of elasticsearch.yml.

Then i created my index and data.

Then i use jmeter to do stresstest ,i getted the data i want ,But the cpu is very high (90%-100%) on this node ,and the node has low memory usage, and i only started 10 thread with very simple request body data.I have no idea whether I have made some mistakes, could anybody give me some ideas??

How much data do you have on the node? What type of queries are you using in your stress test?

I just hava less then 7G data on the node.And my request body data as follows:


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