High CPU utilization tuning recommendations

Hey -

Currently managing a two node ES cluster, that consists of two physical
nodes with 32GB memory, SSDs and Intel E5 hexacore processors.

Running ES (0.20.5) and the latest version of JAVA 1.7 JDK.

Search performance is excellent, however, when pulling new documents from
CouchDB using the couchdb_river_slurper it slows our cluster to a halt and
generates massive amounts of load, in many cases this breaks cluster health
as ping timeouts fail, etc. Polling hot threads show
'couchdb_river_slurper' consuming all resources during this period of load.

We are using the following (default) properties in the river configuration.

"bulk_size" : "100",

"bulk_timeout" : "10ms"

Would increasing say "bulk_size" take processing load off the processor and
place more load on disk? Both these bulk_ values are default, so I suspect
there is some tuning that can possibly be done.

  • Russ

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