High Cpu utilization


Logstash and Elasticsearch are utilizing high cpu.



Not sure what your question is.
May be tell what you are doing and what is the physical architecture.

Apparently you have one single node. 116 shards is May be too much.

hello David thanks for your reply,

my physical architecture is

iam using centos7 with below configurations
Ram 16gb
CPU 8vcpu
harddisk 500gb

how to solve high cpu utilization problem with logstash and kiabana....in elk stack....

What are you doing? Where are running ES, LS and Kibana ? On the same machine ?

yes on same machine only

fetching logs from filebeat installed client machines.

Logstash can consume a lot of cpu by running grok, geoip and other filters.

It's recommended to have elasticsearch running alone.
Also you probably have too many shards per node.

May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:


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