High Heap Usage at Idle

My cluster has:

3 dedicated masters
3 data/ingest nodes (30 GB Heap, 60GB Ram)

Even when my cluster is not being read from or written to my heap percentages are in the 70% zone. Is this normal?

I have about 250 indexes each with 4 shards and 1 replica

I am sure this alone is not enough information to get to the bottom of the problem, but I am too new to know what is and is not needed. I am of-course open to any suggestions, and will provide any information where requested.

name        heapCurrent heapMax heapPercent ramCurrent ramMax ramPercent
es-master-1     495.1mb   7.9gb           6        9gb 14.6gb         61
es-master-2     518.4mb   7.9gb           6        9gb 14.6gb         61
es-master-3         1gb   7.9gb          12        9gb 14.6gb         62
es-data-1        19.2gb  29.9gb          64     59.2gb 59.9gb         99
es-data-2          22gb  29.9gb          73     59.5gb 59.9gb         99
es-data-3        21.9gb  29.9gb          73     51.9gb 59.9gb         87

If it was >75% and GC wasn't doing anything I would be worried. But as it is I wouldn't worry too much.

Are you using Monitoring in X-Pack to keep an eye on things?

I am using x-pack to monitor things, but unfortunately Im not sure what I should be looking for.

That said, randomly circuit breaker exceptions pop up in kibana, without me diong anything so I do believe this is a problem.

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