High JVM %


I'm using the hosted elastic (v7.8), and having high %JVM most of times.
I'm trying to find the root cause for that. what would you recommend to check by the screenshots below?


Based on your screenshots, it looks ok. Are you having issues?

most of the day it doesn't have any issues, but It becomes yellow few times a day, and I do get complains about slow loading of dashboards in Kibana.

besides that my concerns are:

  1. I haven't indexed all clients' data, and I'm not sure if the cluster is at it's max capacity, and needs more hardware
  2. data is being indexed all the time, and we want to have retention of 1.5 year. currently we have few months of data. again-I'm not sure if the cluster is at it's max capacity
  3. 75% of JVM triggers GC

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