High latency issue with inner_hits

I’m trying to install a new cluster on ECK (version 8.8.1) and I’m having latency issues (~300ms).
We already have a similar cluster working in version 6.5.3 (EC2) and for the same query timing is good (~20ms)
The query structure has a nested query and inner_hits part:

"inner_hits": {
  "size": 100,
  "_source": false,
  "docvalue_fields": [

When running the profiling API i’m getting the bottleneck is in the InnerHitsPhase :

  "type": "InnerHitsPhase",
  "description": "",
  "time_in_nanos": 58284286,
  "breakdown": {
  "process_count": 73,
  "process": 58283846,
  "next_reader": 440,
  "next_reader_count": 1

In terms of resources - There is no stat that indicates a limitation
Is there a configuration that can influence the inner_hits phase timing? (edited)

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