High Level Rest Client - Setting custom tokenizer

I am trying to set a custom Tokenizer to my index using the Java High Level Rest Client.

I have been looking through the API documentation, but can't find anything aside from the normal REST calls as mentioned in the guide:


There are guides to updating index settings here:


But I can't find any examples on tokenizers. Maybe I have missed a documentation somewhere?

There is not a specific way to generate that. But you can provide a JSON which contains all the index settings, including analyzers like:

Then use the Low Level Client like this:

Or use the High Level client like this:


Ah, okay. So there's no way to do it directly through the Java API. Will do it the JSON way like you suggested.


There is a way but not with a nice API. as you saw in docs, you can use something like:

Settings settings =
        .put("analysis.analyzer.custom_uax_url_email.type", "custom")
        .put("analysis.analyzer.custom_uax_url_email.tokenizer", "uax_url_email")
        // And so on...

I see. I will give that a try to.

Thank you!

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