HighLevel RestClient difference between 6.6.2 and 7.3.+ (or latest)

Hi Guys,

I have application which using older version of elastic 6.6.2 high level rest client search api. We are planning to upgrade our instance to latest version of elastic in coming months.

I am trying to understand the impact on the application which is using 6.6.2 in terms of classes it uses, I have used lot of below classes in my application from 6.6.2 to build the aggregation query and then parse the search response using below -

  1. SearchRequest, SearchResponse
  2. TermsAggregationBuilder, TopHitsAggregationBuilder, DateHistogramAggregationBuilder, DateHistogramInterval
  3. SearchSourceBuilder, BoolQueryBuilder
  4. ParsedDateHistogram,
  5. metrics.tophits.TopHits, bucket.terms.Terms
  6. MainResponse, SearchHits, SearchHit

Once my elastic server upgrade to new version then if i upgrade my application which using elastic search api with above classes then how much will be impact on my application after i started using high level rest client version of 7.+ (latest version) ?


Can someone please provide feedback here?

You need to read the breaking change section.
Query is much less a problem than writing.
_type fixed to "_doc" is the big one. You need to change your application to write differently depending on the version.
It's better to have your application to write differently to both clusters so you can iron out all the code changes without impacting current DB.

Thanks @linkerc for your reply

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