Highlight analyzed field with stop words


In the following query we perform exact match which includes stop word,
which is not highlighted, since the highlight is performed on analyzed
"query": {
"match": {
"_all": {
"query": ""My name is""
"fields": [
"highlight": {
"fields": {
"text.*": {}
result: My name is .....
If the match is not exact we do want to exclude the stop words from the
highlighting. (That's why I don't think that defining our own analyzer will
solve the problem)

Q 1. Is it possible in case of exact match the perform highlighting on
_source field with some parameters? We tried that and got no highlighting
at all. Is there some other possibility?
Q 2. Why do the words "My", "name" are highlighted separately? We use fvh
since in the mapping we defined:
template_textEnglish: {
mapping: {
index: analyzed
store: no
analyzer: english
type: string
term_vector: with_positions_offsets
match: text.English.*

Any help would be appreciated.


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