Highlight fields not matching multiple words

I'm trying to get swiftype to highlight search results in a multiple keywords search.
If a result body and/or title has atleast one of the keywords matched, they need to be highlighted.
I also noticed that if a result has matching keywords, they are not highlighted either.
It only highlights if the search is only one keyword which leads me to believe that multiple keyword highlights are ignored?

data: {
                engine_key : 'EngineKeyGoesHere',
                q: keyword,
                per_page: 10,
                page: pageNum,
                spelling: "strict",
                highlight_fields: {'page': {'title': {'size': maxStrLen, 'fallback': true },'body': {'size': maxStrLen, 'fallback': true }}},

I have verified that there are matching keywords with in the maxStrLen limit.
Any idea on what I can do get matching keywords (individual) to be highlighted in a multiple keyword search?

Hey @Dileep_Ratnayake,

I was just poking around at a Site Search demo we have deployed: https://search-ui-stable-site-search.netlify.com/?q=monocline%20exhibits%20diverse&size=n_20_n

It appears to me that we do highlight all matching terms.

Hope this helps,


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