Highlight in the field response

Good morning,

I have an application that read the results from my query in elasticsearch and I take all the fields of the response and after it, I put it in a windows form for the user.

Now I would like remark the part when I have a result in Highlight, but my question is, is it possible that the remarks (< em >) appears in the field response?

In negative case..I'm doing a loop in Highlight searching if exists in the document to replace it but is inefficient :frowning:

Thanks for the help!!

Hi @Kirtash,

Are you making use of the Highlighting capability of Elasticsearch? It should return the <em> fields in the right place for you.

Hi @carly.richmond,

Yes, but It returns these results outside of the source. For example, If I make a query to highlighting the word "ande" in a index that I have the name "Alexander", I will receive the next:

"_source": {
          "info": {
            "name": "ALEXANDER",
"highlight": {
          "info.name": [

I would like that this structure with the tag coud be in the source field

Thanks and sorry for my bad explanation.

I don't believe you can include it in the source field. Can you give an example of what you mean by the negative case that you need to loop for?

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