Highlight - Number of fragments not working

Hi All,

Following is my mappings,

I am highlighting option for highlighting the results. It highlights only 5 occurrences of the keyword but in the JSON, I have 7+ keyword.
I have gone through the docs, it shows we need to add
// number_of_fragments:10

I have provided the same in the search query, but only returning 5 highlighted words only.

{"data_source.keyword":["<em>CFR</em>"],"appendix":["However, under <em>Regulation</em> <em>C</em> the definition of an application does not include prequalification requests","In either case, <em>Regulation</em> <em>C</em> does not require an institution to report prequalification requests on the","The phrase extension of credit thus is defined differently under <em>Regulation</em> <em>C</em> than under Regulation B","For all purposes under <em>Regulation</em> <em>C</em>, if an MSA is divided by OMB into MDs, the appropriate geographic","The business-purpose transaction is an open-end line of credit under <em>Regulation</em> <em>C</em>, provided the other"],"level.keyword":["<em>APPENDIX</em>"]}

original json:
original json

search query:
search query

Can anyone help me with this?

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