Highlighted Results

Hi guys,

I'm having some issues with highlight queries. Not all the criteria are

"highlight": {
"fields": {
"body": {
"type": "plain"
"fragment_size": 500,
"highlight_query": {
"span_near": {
"clauses": [
"span_term": {
"body": "apple"
"span_term": {
"body": "iphone"
"in_order": false,
"slop": 5
"number_of_fragments": 5,
"require_field_match": true

When i ran the above query, it returned the correct documents; all the
results contain apple and iphone within 5 words apart. Some of the
highlight looks correct, but i saw a few highlights where snippets that it
return are like ....
"iphone (some additional text here...) " where it doesn't
container the word "apple". When i check the doc itself, i see that the
word "apple" appears right before "iphone". So why is elasticsearch not
centering the highlighted snippets around the matched terms?

Is there anything i can do to center the matches terms?


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