Highlighter doesn't work with custom _all field and no_match_size

I have a custom _all fields (content), the values of multiple fields are copied into this field (content) .

"content": {
"type": "text",
"store": true,
"term_vector": "with_positions_offsets",
In the case where there is a matching fragment to highlight, it returns a snippet of text. But In the case where there is no matching fragment to highlight, I want return a snippet of text from the beginning of the field. But it returns nothing.

"content": {
"fragment_size" : 150,
"number_of_fragments" : 2,
"no_match_size": 250,
"type": "fvh"
This happens when I copy more than one field to content. It works good when only one field is copied to content. I do not use any analyser.

How can I solve this problem ?

I think this is a bug. I opened an issue on Elasticsearch git but they closed my issue and referred me to here. But I dont get any response even here.

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