Highlighter - getting the field's content from external storage


Is there any way to have the FVH (or any other highlighter) work on an
externally supplied field content?

We index a lot of documents, and their content is often quite large. We do
not want to store that in the index. I am looking for a way to hook into
the highlighter and provide the content when it is needed. I was thinking
to extend the FastVectorHighlighter and provide the functionality somehow.
Looking at the code I can't readily find any convenient points to do this.

I am transitioning from an in-house indexing solution based on Lucene.Net
to Elasticsearch. I was able to do the above by
extending ScoreOrderFragmentsBuilder, overriding its CreateFragments()
method, and then passing that custom fragments builder
to FastVectorHighlighter's constructor. But in
Elasticsearch's FastVectorHighlighter its fragmentsBuilder is not exposed
at all.

I can copy the whole code and adjust it, but that seems heavy handed to me.

Any other (more elegant) ideas are appreciated.

Thank you.
TJ Kolev

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