Highlighting issue with proximity phrase match


I need to support searches like " green apple" near "yellow peach", but
can't find existing query syntax from ElaticSearch to support this directly.
So I tried to combine multiple phrase match with a boolean query to
achieve this. It doesn't work perfectly, but search results are close
enough. However, I can't find a good way to highlight the match terms
correctly as my client only wants to highlight the phrase "green apple" and
"yellow peach" where they near each other. With the query I come up, all
the individual word could be highlighted as well if I have a sentence like
"green and red apple with yellow banana and pink peach", assuming somewhere
in the text would have two phrases "green apple" and "yellow peach" that
satisfy the query.

I use standard tokenizer with snowball filter for the text field, and term_vector
with_postions_offsets is used for highlighting.

Here is my query:



          [{"match_phrase":{"headline":{"text":"green apple"}}},

           {"match_phrase":{"headline":{"text":"yellow peach"}}},

           {"match_phrase":{"headline":{"text":"green apple yellow 








"highlight_query":{""match_phrase":{"headline":{"text":"green apple 

yellow peach","slop":10}}},



I tried span near query, but I can't find span term that support phrases,
and I believe span query only works on not-analyzed fields.

Can anyone have suggestions to handle the highlighting for such proximity
phrase searches? Thanks.

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