Hightlight not working, need help

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As far as I can tell the example code does not include any details of what the query parameter might contain.
The easiest way to progress is to provide the JSON for :

  • the document you hope to match
  • the index mapping
  • the query

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Done, can you please take a look now :slight_smile:

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Still missing the JSON for the query. (Sorry - it can be hard to debug/reproduce exactly what's going on when there's various layers of software being used above the raw elasticsearch RESTAPI).

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Updated... Possible to see something now..?

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We're still debugging application-tier logic here. Let's try log the query that is being sent by your app.

Assuming you're not in a production environment turn this setting on to log all queries on your elasticsearch index:

curl -XPUT "http://localhost:9200/applications/_settings" -d'
	"index.search.slowlog.threshold.query.warn": "0s"

This will log all searches against your applications index in a file called logs/elasticsearch_index_search_slowlog.log

Run your search then grab the raw JSON from this file. Once done, use the above command to set the logging threshold back to its default (10 seconds or "10s" I think).

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