Histogram : mouse over circle create white square inside the circle (Firefox)


I'm using Kibana 6.2.4 and there is a little annoying bug. Here is a picture showing my histogram with no problem :

When I move my mouse over some points, it shows a circle around the point and a pannel with some infos about the data. Until then, it's OK. The bug appears when I mouse my mouse away from a point. It's not with every point tho. Check the picture below with the visual glitch (I made a yellow circle around the glitches) :

The glitches disapear if I simply switch the tab in my browser and come back to kibana. I have no bug with google chrome.

What browser is this happening in? Google Chrome? I tried locally on the same version of Kibana in Chrome 71 and it was fine.

Hello, I use Firefox 64.

Firefox was mentionned in the title but not in my message :frowning:

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