Historical Recommendation feature in elasticsearch

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I need help in considering elasticsearch as a recommendation platform or not. We have a set of documents, like articles on some general topics. Now what is required is: if a user wish to search for article on wildlife, we should be able to give me results on forests, rivers, animals etc.

  1. Secondly, when he comes again to visit this page, he must be able to see the previous article he searched.

  2. Finally, if other people are searching for "some" article and reading an article "abc", next time, any person comes up and search for "some" article "abc" should be given preference being the most popular.

Please let me know if elasticsearch shows these capabilities

The Graph functionality can do this, however native ES does not.


Hi Mark,

I am not using Kibana at all.... No GUI to develop, just the searches and results, then should I consider this option?

Yes, it's powered by an API.

Looks like you wanted some kind of recommendation Engine, Please try following approach can help you:


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