HJSON Support


Wondering if it would be a viable request to have things like watcher and pipeline definitions use HJSON format ? It seems we humans need to work directly with json to define these tings and so something that supports comments would be a handy thing. Primary use cases would be for general documentation and commenting out sections of the watcher if something needs to be temporarily disabled.

Any reason this would be prohibitively difficult to implement? Anyone else see this as useful?



This would be rather hard to implement, as the underlying parser used all over elasticsearch would need to support this. Also watches update itself after each run, and then those comments would need to preserved when writing JSON - which is not happening right now.

That said, you could store some data in the watch metadata to achieve this. There is no concrete solution to disable some actions of a watch, but again instead of commenting out, you could instead add a condition to an action that will never hold true, if you want to keep the action in the watch definition.

Hope that helps!

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