Homelab with X-Pack


I'm looking into building a homelab with elastic and the X-Pack.
Does eEastic offer any license (30 day+) for home (personal use), because my research will be longer than 30 days.

Thanks in advance,

Not at the moment sorry to say. We do have Elastic Cloud which might be an option.

If you have the resources I would recommend that all raw data goes first to Kafka, where it can be persisted for long periods of time. You can then blow away Elastic, reinstall to restart the 30 days, and reload the data from Kafka. Sure it is inconvenient, and would never be practical in a production environment, but it works well enough for experimentation in a lab environment. It also let's you easy load the same data into multiple versions for comparison testing, or even do some ingest benchmarking and other things.

In our lab environment we think of Kafka like a water faucet. When you need water, you turn on the faucet. When you need data... you turn on Kafka. When we get a new data source, it goes into a kafka topic, where it can be easily accessed whenever it is needed.

Kafka + Elastic = <3

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