Host name display of the host which send the log to logstash

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Hi All,

I need to show or list the host on which filebeat is installed in the kibana dashboard or the list of hosts that send the log the kibana. Once again I don't want the count , I need to show the hosts monitored.


(Magnus Bäck) #2

Doesn't Logstash's beats input populate the host field with the name of the Beats host? If not here's a list of fields that Filebeat includes in all events:

(nandha) #3

Hi Magnus,

I want a dashboard or visualize page to show all the hosts which send the log message to the
ES server or on which the filebeat is running. I built with the below visualize but still want something efficient to display all the hosts .


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Isn't this more of a Kibana question then, if you already have the data?

(nandha) #5

Hi Magnus,

Sorry ... Just move the Kibana Board.
Thanks for the help

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