Hosting a visualization plugin in an app plugin

Hello all,
We would like to develop an app (like timelion) and host in them visualizations, part of them plugin vis that we developed.
How can I do this? Some recommendations?


Some thoughts?

Hi Ariel,

Sounds cool! Unfortunately, we don't officially support plugin development -- it's been largely community-directed so far. So just a warning that the help I can offer will be limited.

Have you taken a look at how the Timelion vis is exposed to the Visualize app?

Have you read through our plugin dev documentation?


We already developed some plugin visualizations . Now we are being requested to host this visualization in an app plugin instead of re-writing it. This is what I am looking for.

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "host in an app plugin". Do you already have a functioning Kibana visualization plugin? Can you described in more detail what you're trying to do with it?


Hi CJ.
Simple plugin that presents aggregations in a tree manner, using a D3 indented tree.
Working fine as a visualization using defined buckets and aggregations.
Now, I have a requirement to create the same requirement but as an app (to be available in the left context menu next to Discover/Dashboards/Timelion/etc.).
I do not want to re-write the view but reuse the visualization, similar as done in a Dashboard (exposing a Dashboard as an app can do the job, but how I do that).

Thanks, hope it is clear

Hi Ariel, yes that makes things clearer for me! Thanks for explaining. You can take a look at our Timelion app as a reference for how to register an app in the sidebar and register a visualization, both from the same plugin:


Thanks CJ!
I will look at it.

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