Hot nodes are having high cpu usage


Currently I'm having three hot nodes and all the three hot nodes are having high % of CPU usage which is around 80%-100%.
So can I add dedicated coordinating and Ingest instance which will help me to solve this high % of CPU usage.

image (6)

Or are there any other ways to solve high % CPU usage problem?

Hi @vamsi2 Welcome to the community and thanks for using Elastic Cloud

It depends on what is causing the High CPU...

Have you opened a support ticket?

What is the use case Search, Observability, Security?

Is it High Indexing throughput, Complex Ingest Pipelines, High Search Request, Poor Queries, Combination of All etc... just too much load.... you will need to understand what is causing the high CPU.

Coordinating nodes may or may not help it depends on what is causing the the High CPU? They can also make it worse if you do not deploy enough capacity for them.

Here are 2 API calls that can help you understand what is going on

Shows the top thread taking up time.
GET _nodes/hot_threads

This shows which threads / queues are backing up.

GET _cat/thread_pool?v

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