Hot-warm search question

Hi, I have a pretty basic question around how search functions under the hood. I am evaluating a hot-warm architecture on aws (SSD, S3 backed respectively). Our use case is such that some searches may have to be issued across all our indices(across hot and warm indices) since we do not know which index to target. The way i understand it, Elasticsearch would issue parallel search queries across all these indices, and then collate these results, which means that the latency in this case would be dictated by the slowest storage I have across these indices(warm S3 storage). Is this understanding correct? If so, is there something on Elasticsearch that would allow me to return as soon as results are found on the hot storage?(without waiting for search to complete on the warm index in this case). Thanks.


Like this? Long-running searches | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

Thanks for the quick reply

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