Hot/Warm - unassigned replica

Hello Elastic Team.
Fresh and new elasticsearch-7.4.0-1 cluster (3 data nodes data_type: warm + 3 master/data nodes data_type: hot).
What i am trying to implement is hot/warm architecture

  • today index kept on HOT (local SSDs)
  • later beeing rolledover to warm (SAS)


       "allocation": {
         "require": {
           "data_type": "hot"

in the index template

cluster.routing.allocation.awareness.attributes: data_type

in the config - i managed to have the primaries beeing stored only on HOT.
But replicas beeing reported as Unassigned.

Anyone any advice - please ?

Removing ^^ above and all works as intended.

Use shard allocation filtering, not shard allocation awareness.