Hovering on Legends gives information different than shown in legends

Is it possible to get extra information on hovering on legends in bargraph ?

Hi there, what kind of extra information would you like to see there? Currently, there's no way for users to change this.


Thanks for your response
Suppose data in legends contains numbers like status number 51, 52, 53 and I need to see information by hovering on that like 51-Success, 52-Error, 53- Warning but without changing X-axis values, like I tried with filters but as I changed 51 with 51-Success in filter but X- axis came with the value 51-Success but I need only the 51, 52, 53 etc in x axis but at the hovering on legends will show me information like 51-Success, 52-Error, 53- Warning etc.

Thanks in advance.

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