How add a second node to my cluster?

I am trying to solve a problem that I have with elasticsearch and magento 2.3, and I have been recommended to add a new node but I do not know how to launch the query from the terminal, can someone help me? I have elasticsearch on the same server where I have Magento (ubuntu + nginx)

Do you mean launch a new node, not a query?

You would be better off having the node on a separate host/vm/machine, not the same one.

Excuse my ignorance, I have mounted a server for magento 2.3.1. I have received a warning from Magento that says I must use Elasticsearch to interact with MySQL, I have installed it on the same Server. Do you think I did wrong? What do you recommend doing then?

I don't know magento, so I don't know what they have recommended here.

But in Elasticsearch terms, running multiple nodes on the same host can be problematic. If you lose the host then you lost both Elasticsearch nodes, so running them on separate hosts makes more sense.

Thank you very much for your reply. If I have only one Elasticsearch node on the same server that I have Magento, then there should be no problem right?

Well, you will have no servers to provide your services.

But, elasticsearch could work with magento right?

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